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  • Cameroun, Littoral, Douala
  • : CM-RH-050-11-21

Activité du poste

Regulatory Agencies:

-         In-depth knowledge of the industry’s standards and regulation

-         Ensure our company adheres to legal standards and in-house policies.

-         Responsible for enforcing regulations in all aspects and levels of business as well as provide guidance on compliance matters.

-         Ensure 100% compliance with all the business regulatory bodies.

-         The goal is to preserve the company’s integrity by making sure it stays on a lawful and ethical course.

-         Assess the business’s future ventures to identify possible compliance risks.



-         You are responsible for managing a team of people, which involves both the engagement and development of these people.

-         Actively engage on project delivery functions which include delivery assurance, quality assurance, client delivery and relationship management and strategy responsibilities.

-         Communicate to cinema team in a positive, professional manner all company initiatives to ensure employee engagement and successful implementation

-         Pro-actively manage operational costs, margin, budgeting and forecasting.

-         Continually monitor competitors and identify opportunities.

-         Responsible and accountable for maximizing revenue and optimizing profit, ensuring that targets are achieved or exceeded

-         Commercial ( Sales And Development)

-         Plan sales campaign and create sales pipelines

-         Find and develop new markets and improve sales

-         Attend conferences, meetings and industry events

-         Increase the value of current customers while attracting new ones.

-         Develop goals for business growth for the team and ensure they are met.

-         Craft business proposals and contracts to draw in more revenue from clients.

-         Maintain meaningful relationships with existing clients to ensure that they are retained.

-         Plan and oversee new marketing initiatives, promotional strategy, events and activities

-         Research organizations and individuals to find new business opportunities - including new markets, growth areas, trends, customers, partnerships, products and services - or new ways of reaching existing markets

-         Train personnel and help team members develop their skills


General Management

-         Recruit, onboard, and train high-performing employees to achieve sales, profitability, market share, and business plan objectives.

-         Maintain project timelines to ensure tasks are accomplished on time.

-         Develop, implement, and maintain budgetary and resource allocation plans

-         Manage the relationship and performance of Vendors, Service providers, clients and landlord; ensure conformance to terms of contract and service agreement.

-         Promote the Organization’s Vision, Mission and Values through actions, training, communications and leading by example.

-         Recruit the very best talent in this new market

-         Negotiate with vendors and service providers needed for production

-         Collaborate with local businesses to acquire all necessary resources and services

-         Develop marketing and production teams with local expertise

-         Collaborate with leadership to strategize how best to roll out the product line

-         Become a student of the culture, remaining aware of customs and manners always

-         Synthesize monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on progress and development

-         Network effectively with local clients and develop strong professional relationships

-         Work to ensure deadlines are met and budgets are maintained

-         Adapt the business model to be culturally relevant without losing its identity

-         Mentor direct reports, especially in regard to our values and vision

-         Develop annual budgets, profit targets, sales plans, growth plans for the company in alignment with the strategic objectives of the company and implement strategies to achieve those plans

Profil du poste

-         Master’s degree, MBA or B.Sc./HND other relevant fields, strongly preferred

-         10 years’ or more experience in management in an international business setting.

-         Significant experience in the finance and marketing fields strongly preferred

-         Fluent in French & English

-         Exceptionally well organized and driven by success

-         Ability to thrive in high-pressure situations

-         Outstanding negotiating skills

-         Analytical thinker with superior problem-solving skills

-         Solid history of data-driven strategic development

-         Decisive and committed

-         A natural leader who inspires and motivates those around them

Job détail

  • Reference : : CM-RH-050-11-21
  • Publier le : 2021-11-30 09:20:30
  • Localisation : AKWA_ Ancien Dalip
  • Niveau : Bac + 5
  • Type Emplois : Plein temps
  • Date Limite : 2021-12-09 09:12:00

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