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  • DA-RH-084-04-2023

Activité du poste

The Domiciliation Assistant performs the day-to-day processing of foreign payment domiciliation and regularization operations to ensure that Foreign Exchange Regulations are respected in an effective, timely and accurate manner.


• Analysis of all single payment made in foreign currency to ensure it is in conformity with the requirements of the foreign exchange regulation and Customs CEMAC code.
• Identify and advise Management, Account payable, Procurement team on solution on how to comply with the FX Regulations.
• Take correctives actions for all issues regarding the domiciliation process.
• Determine the FOB value of each foreign invoice and advise if it’s subject to the FX requirements or not.
• Determine the nature of the operation (Goods/Services).
• Open and create a file for each foreign payment subject to the domiciliation requirement.
• Maintain and update necessary information into the database.
• Reconciliate or link the foreign invoice with his related importation from C/L team database.
• Analyze the related importation documents, proceed with necessary customs requirements checks and ensure it’s in conformity with the Invoice for payment.
• Proceed pre - domiciliation of invoices in E-FORCE and raise a PR number and Import Declaration.
• Prepare BEAC import/export declaration with the related documentation and submit to Management for signature and transmission to local or Central Bank.
• Liaise with Local Bank (E-FORCE) or Central Bank (channel of transmission still to be confirm) and request for an Attestation of domiciliation prior to release of payment to the Vendor.
• Ensure domiciliation is done thru the right entity and in respect of the timeframe as per FX Reg.
• Analyze each line from the quarterly treasury Debit/Credit report, check if all foreign payments have been captured and link each line to his related remittance advice from Account payable.
• Ensure all payments in the treasury Debit/Credit report subject to FX Regulations are captured and domiciliated.
• Prepare a reconciliation report and link all internal Databases from Account payable, treasury, C/L team and FX data.
• Liaise with Cost Control and request for evidence of Tax return for each invoice subject to withholding tax.
• Prepare all required documents to regularize each payment domiciliated thru BEAC or local Bank (Customs documents, proof of payment, proof of service rendered, etc…).
• Ensure regularization of domiciliation is done through the bank of domiciliation and in respect of the timeframe as per FX Reg.
• Ensure proper archiving of the whole process.
• Assist during audit from Central Bank/Customs / Ministry of Finance.
• Prevent the company from fine or penalty regarding FX operations.
• Perform any other task that may be given to him in relation to FX regulation.

• Participate in all HSSE intervention schemes (APIPP, Incident reporting, site visits) and awareness sessions (HSSE Meetings, events and trainings) to maintain and improve Company HSSE culture and performance.
• Understand the emergency procedure and the related requirements.
• Lead as a role model to improve HSSE engagement within direct team, section, and department.
N.B: The incumbent may perform other related duties as assigned.

• Ability to work safely in and out of the office and is prepared to work long hours or weekends when required to do so.
• Work with all Departments in the Company but principally SCM, Operations and Technical.
• Interfaces with vendors, contractors, BEAC, local Banks, forwarding/clearing agents, shipping agents, customs and other government agencies.

• Understanding BEAC & Customs laws/regulations and procedures.
• Understanding the customs requirements for importation of materials by oil companies operating in Cameroon.
• Ability to handle invoices of different currencies.
• Smartly be a key player of the payment process without being a bottleneck.
• Avoiding duplicating domiciliation and stand as a second checker for all foreign invoices.
• Ability to perform huge analysis from multiple databases and build accurate reconciliation reports.
• Be diligent, preventive and result oriented.
• Be morally and ethically upright.
• Be able to work accurately and timely.

Profil du poste

• Minimum qualification of a two-years university degree.
• Excellent computer skills.
• Minimum 1-3 years’ experience working in the area of customs clearing, shipping or freight forwarding.
• A good understanding of the roles of the different actors in the customs clearing process.
• Knowledge of the CEMAC Customs Code, Harmonized System of materials classification and Incoterms 2010 - 2020 Rules.
• Understand how customs duties are calculated and be able to verify the accurateness of the calculations.
• Know the different Customs Regimes for import/export operations in Cameroon.
• A good understanding of Foreign Exchange laws
• Understanding of Debit and Credit operations
• Ability to read, write and communicate in English and French.
• Have credibility and good interpersonal skills.
• Have good initiative and ability to work independently.
• Ability to learn quickly.

Job détail

  • Reference : DA-RH-084-04-2023
  • Publier le : 2023-04-19 02:38:47
  • Localisation : 3471,Ancien Dalip - Akwa/Douala, Cameroon
  • Niveau : BAC + 2
  • Type Emplois : Temps Partiel
  • Date Limite : 2023-04-26 03:04:00

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