• Finance & Economie
  • Cameroun, Littoral, Douala
  • CAC&F-RH-055-12-21

Activité du poste

         During the first two months:

  • Design Manuals, guide/ curriculum for and conduct Trainings
  • Develop a clear outline of sessions based on the topics identified by you together with the company, and a clear schedule and timeline of trainings.
  • The consultant has to share the training curriculum that will be used to deliver the training sessions.
  • Agree with the company on the training approach and training curriculum.
Develop pre and post-tests to assess the capabilities of the beneficiaries and to monitor their progress during training sessions

Starting in January:

  • Support eight farmer groups in their everyday accounting and financial management
  • Dispense training based on identified needs
  • Implement accounting tools
  • Set up process together with each farmer group leaders, monthly reports, roles and responsibilities, records setting, budget meetings etc
  • Coach all farmer group leaders on basic financial management and reading of financial statements
  • In depth coaching of at minimum two farmer group leader of each group on accounting and financial management and on the accounting tools
  • Rotation among the eight farmer groups for support
  • Promoting and protecting professionalism and ensure self-discipline among the Financial Cooperative Professionals.
  • Consultant has to monitor attendance of beneficiaries and to report any issues to the company focal point.
  • Provide weekly reports to the company Project Manager on the progress of the beneficiaries, attendance, pending issues and planned activities for the upcoming week.

At mid-point and at the end:

  • Provide the company focal point with a mid-point and final report that includes the remaining areas of support needed and specific areas of focus required for the skills development of the cooperative members, results, achievements, observations, and more.

Profil du poste

·          Minimum Master’s degree or equivalent in Business Administration or Accounting, Certificate in Agricultural Finance, certified public accountant, certificate in cooperative management and other related field.

·         Minimum 5 years’ experience supporting enterprises and/or farmer groups on accounting and financial management

·         Proven working experience with cocoa cooperatives or other agricultural sector is a plus

·       Have sound knowledge of different accounting tool and be able to recommend suited tools for farmer groups

·         Be able to set up a program which can digitize the accounting in the farmers group

·      Training methods should be able to make all cooperative management staffs to understand the basics in costing, budgeting, reading P&L.

·        Support in putting in place tools in the Farmers Group

·        Can influence decisions within the farmer groups.

·         Strong empathy skills and genuine care and respect for needs of others.  

·          Practical experience and a sound knowledge of cocoa cooperative accounting

·         Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken.

·         Ability to persuade and influence clients and maintain relationships

·         Good business acumen.

·         Technical and analytical ability including good IT skills.

·         Excellent organizational and time management skills.

·         Awareness of cocoa sourcing activities

·         Flexible to be displaced along our regions of intervention

·         Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team.

·         Fluency in French and English




Job détail

  • Reference : CAC&F-RH-055-12-21
  • Publier le : 2021-12-08 08:57:10
  • Localisation : AKWA_ Ancien Dalip
  • Niveau : Bac + 5
  • Type Emplois : Plein temps
  • Date Limite : 2021-12-20 18:12:00

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