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  • Cameroun, Littoral, Douala
  • SAC-RH-053-11-21

Activité du poste

       Ensure proper, accurate, timely and relevant financial records are maintained.

       Ensure complete transaction processing on the Accounting Software on a Real-time basis.  

       Maintain adequate monitoring, filling and control over all source documents relating to the Site operations.

·        Be conversant with the cash machines (Veezi, Tills) operations and reports to ensure effective monitoring of the completeness and accuracy of transactions at the Site.

·        Monitor and report the Site’s Revenue receipts (Daily Sales Analysis), cost of sales and expenses.

·      Monitor and manage all cash receipts and carry out daily bank lodgments before 11am each working day.  

C     Coordinate and monitor payroll issues, as it affects your Site personnel including surcharges.

·        Monitor to ensure efficient Inventory Management for the Site.

·        Review and ensure accuracy and completeness of all financially related Reports emanating and/or related to your Site (Stock Report, Close-Out, etc).

··     Maintain and manage the Fixed Assets Register for the Site.

·        Carry out reconciliations between the Cost of sales reported by the Stock Controller and the actual consumptions reflected in the Financial Report based on the Site’s Opening Inventory, Purchases and Closing Stock.

·      Efficient management of the Site’s Imprest, Change Float and expenses.

· =     Efficient Treasury Management for the Site.

·         Monitor to ensure the efficient management of the Site’s Payables and Receivables.

··       Ensure proper, accurate, timely and relevant financial records are maintained.

·         Drive Revenue & Cost Efficiency; and ensure processes & procedures are followed in the day to day operations.

Ensure that there are duly authorized documentary approvals for all payments and every data that is to be entered into the Site’s Account data base.

·     To ensure and cultivate cordial relationship with customers that will enhance business growth.

·        Mentor and develop subordinates, as may be posted to you, on Cinema accounts management, processes and procedures of the company.  

        Cultivate and maintain good inter-personal relationship with colleagues within and outside the department.

        Ensure the financial information asset of the company is well protected, preserved with confidentiality and available to the right people at the right format and time.

·         Ensure accurate and organized filing system for all documents.

·         Ensure accurate and timely preparation of reports.

·         Ensure that transparency, honesty and accountability are embedded in own area of business.

·      Coordinate all aspects of Health and Safety and Fire Safety in the area of responsibility.

·      Participate in the Site’s weekly communication and review meetings with colleagues.

·       Other duties as may be assigned.

·       Knowledgeable in IFRS,ISA etc.

Profil du poste


M.Sc / B.Sc / BA in Finance, Accounting or Economics with a Professional Certificate

Minimum of 5 years’ experience

Good knowledge of accounting systems (Quick Books, SAGE, Microsoft Excel, ERPnext, etc.).

Strong knowledge of internal control principles, operational risk evaluation.

Ability to work in a rapidly evolving work environment

Strong presentation skills

Financial reporting skills 

Must be thorough detailed and organized

Must possess the ability to multitask

Job détail

  • Reference : SAC-RH-053-11-21
  • Publier le : 2021-12-01 11:30:26
  • Localisation : AKWA_ Ancien Dalip
  • Niveau : BAC +4
  • Type Emplois : Plein temps
  • Date Limite : 2021-12-09 11:12:00

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